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02 February 2009 | Fall Paradox = Complete!
Posted by Jasna Rodulfa

Finally finished coding all the submitted endings for the fall Paradox. I enjoyed reading them. =) I know Kiki has one as well that she needs to email, so I will be sure to get that up once it's on Hilary's netspace.

Meeting Minutes updated. I will try to get the schedule up as well. The new spring Paradox is on its way...

16 January 2009 | Death and Rebirth (Maybe?)
Posted by Jasna Rodulfa

Yay for two-month long absences. Sorry about that, folks. After mid-November came late-semester rushing and finals and such. Then winter break, which took me away from the school server and any sort of motivation I had left within me. Now I am back to this site stuff. I was ecstatic to hear that Grace is offering to help me with the tedious web coding. After I finish a document or three in this half hour I have free, I will email her with what she can do. Then, perhaps, I won't be posting anymore site updates with a frantic tone.

Updates on Meeting Minutes and Members and Contests! Oh yeah, I also need to bug those so-called officers of ours so that they can give me more content for this site (love you all).

14 November 2008 | PARADOX
Posted by Jasna Rodulfa

I have been working on this damn site for about two hours straight today. As of this writing, I have Paradox, parts 1 to 5, coded. I will see if I can finish the rest right now or tonight. I also realized I completely messed up the officer list on the Members page (after looking through old emails), so I highly apologize for that. Where's my Motrin...

EDIT (50 minutes later): Coding clean-up! Parts 6 and 7 done! Going out of my mind! Keep going!

EDIT (20 minutes later): Parts 8 and 9 DONE! I am DONE for today.

11 November 2008 | Catching Up (Ever So Slowly)
Posted by Jasna Rodulfa

This week, I am really trying to get up all of Paradox. However, since the semester's reaching its end, things are piling up... which is why I haven't been able to update at least a little until now. Anyway, the Icebreaker for Paradox (compiled after installment 6) is up, but I have yet to edit the actual Paradox "index" page. I have to run to class, though, so I will add more to this update later. Ciao.