Timberline & Camelback[2.10.09]

Another sweet two weekends capped off the regular season this year. Both weekends provided some warm temps and classic BUST moments. We were also joined by ski team legends B Ryan and Patty Murphy. Encoraged by the presence of greatness, Dougie took home first place in GS on Sunday at Timberline, while the girls took home second place overall 2 days in a row. At Camelback, Sarah continued the girls run by taking first place on Saturday, leaving the girls in second place overall on the season. The guys remain at a respectable fourth place, and plan to bring it to regionals in 2 weeks.


Elk Race[1.26.09]

Awesome weekend. Thanks to everyone who came out to the Elk race and raged with us. Check out the times and team results on the 2009 race info tab. The girls continued their streak of badassedness and took home another two silver medals on Saturday and Sunday , while the guys had some problems making it to the line with both skis on. I will be sure to bring a screwdriver and some duct tape to Timberline to avoid tossing so many skis. Check the picture section in the next few days as I will be posting the photos Dwyer and I took during the races, as well as any photos you can send me. Also, keep your eyes open for a Tueday bowling email and possibly a Thursday physical fitness test email. We need make sure we will be able to portage the impassable road on the way to Timberline.

SDS Bust,


Website Up[1.22.09]

The website is up, but just barley. Stick with me while I fix up all the links and get the content up. Pictures should be up soon.