Kappa Sigma Alpha phi




Welcome to the Kappa Sigma Alpha-Phi Chapter homepage.  “At the heart of Kappa Sigma lie the Fraternity's Four Pillars, which guide our ambitions and underpin our successes. Striving for excellence in Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship and Service produces Brothers who are involved in all aspects of campus life; who excel academically as students and professionally upon graduation; who develop lifelong bonds with those around them and who support those peers; and who serve their colleges and communities. Becoming a Kappa Sigma provides the framework to build yourself into the man you want to be.”

The Alpha-Phi Chapter is proud to remain a strong force on the Bucknell campus.  In its fourth year since re-colonization in 2007, the chapter now consists of 85 men whom all understand the meaning and importance of our four core values.  We look forward to the coming years, and will continue to build strong relations with the university and surrounding community.

Alumni?  If you are interested in planning a visit back to Bucknell, we would love to hear from you!  Please feel free to contact myself at mdhj001@bucknell.edu or Jesse Dondero, our Alumni Relations Chair, at jvd003@bucknell.edu to let us know when you would be stopping by.  We encourage all alumni, young and young at heart, to help us maintain a strong network of Kappa Sigma Alpha-Phis.

- Michael Howard-Johnson Grand Master



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