Chapter History

Getting the PLT Name

Becoming PLT

Members wanted to be known as a Greek letter fraternity and on May 11, 1922, they changed the name from "Three Links" to "Phi Lambda Theta". The Greek letters were chosen because of their relation to the English letters "F", "L", and "T", the foundation of Odd Fellowship -- Friendship, Love and Truth.

Some members, however, objected to the restrictions on membership. The constitution was modified so that men might be elected to the fraternity who were neither Odd Fellows nor twenty one years of age. In January 1924, both requirements were dropped from the constitution.

The fraternity grew steadily in size and importance at Penn State. It acquired a new home and was instrumental in the installation of the Topeka Club at Kansas State Agricultural College, as the Beta Chapter of Phi Lambda Theta in 1923, and the installation of Common Club at Bucknell as Gamma Chapter on October 31, 1925. These additions made Phi Lambda Theta a national fraternity.