The New Millennium

Entering the new millennium, CCM continued to grow. Father Marty Moran remained at Bucknell as the Catholic Chaplain and the Steering Committee served as the student leadership team.

In 2004, the structure of CCM was overhauled. The Steering Committee was changed to a Ministry Team. The new Ministry Team had directors and chairpersons and was divided into five committees: Administration, Community Service and Social Action, Events and Outreach, Liturgy, and Spiritual Life and Evangelization. Along with this new structure came revised bylaws, which have been updated since.

Also in 2004, CCM welcomed Mrs. Kim Custer as a program assistant.

Later in the year, CCM was nationally recognized by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) for an outstanding program, the Confession Marathon. Father Marty and Erin Connell '05 represented CCM at this event in Washington, D.C.

In 2005, CCM added another new position to its staff, an Assistant Catholic Campus Minister. The position was filled by Mrs. Suzanne Domzalski.

Throughout this time, CCM continued to hold numerous activities and events. Some of these activities included the Busy Person's Retreat and the CCM Fall Retreat held at the Cowan Retreat Center.

Later, on November 13, 2005 CCM was recognized once again by the USCCB for its Confession Marathon program. This time it won one of the Best of the Best awards for campus ministry programs. Father Marty and Mike Rakszawski '08 attended the workshop and reception in Washington, D.C. This event also marked the 20th Anniversary of the USCCB document, Empowered by the Spirit. During the workshop, Mike Rakszawski spoke to the bishops on "Living Aspects of Campus Ministry".

In the spring of 2006, the CCM Ministry Team released a series of brochures titled "Meet Your Ministry Team" to spark more interest in the organization. The brochures outlined the five committees: Liturgy, Administration, Spiritual Life and Evangelization, Community Service and Social Action, and Events and Outreach. These brochures provided a detailed overview of the 38 member Ministry Team.

In November 2006, CCM welcomed Bishop Kevin Rhoades to campus. The bishop's visit was in part to celebrate CCM's 30th Anniversary at Newman House.

In the spring of 2007, Father Marty Moran was appointed the new Executive Director of the Catholic Campus Ministry Association. He would soon leave Bucknell, but before doing so, he was honored by the Bucknellian for his service. Also in 2007, CCM was recognized by the university and received the Student Organization Award.

After the departure of Father Marty, CCM welcomed Father Michael Letteer as the new Catholic Chaplain at Bucknell. An article in Bucknell World gave details on his arrival. At the same time, Ms. Lina Ferrara replaced Mrs. Kim Custer as CCM's Program Assistant.

Currently, Catholic students represent nearly one-third of the Bucknell community.