The 1970's

Pictures from this time period.

In 1970, the name Catholic Campus Ministry became the official name of the Newman Club. This sample bulletin shows more detail on the name change. At this time, there were about 650 Catholic students at Bucknell. The number was once again on the rise. The Newman Chaplain's office was in Rooke Chapel, where students could meet with Father Petrina.

Also in the 1970s, the Church changed some of the mass parts. A March 1970 bulletin describes these changes to students. Father Petrina wanted to keep students informed on CCM happenings as well. He wrote this letter to inform students and parents of CCM activities and events.

In September 1971, the first Newman House at Bucknell was founded at 204 S. 7th Street, a little yellow stucco house at the corner of 7th and St. Catherine. It was rented for about $150.00 a month and served as Father Petrina's part-time residence as well as a center for Catholic Campus Ministry. It included facilities for discussions and an office. A bulletin describes the house in detail.

Here are more current pictures of the first Newman House at 204 S. 7th Street taken in December 2006.  1   2 

In 1971, Father Michael Barrett was transferred from Sacred Heart Church to Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Church in Harrisburg. Father Thomas Lawler became the new pastor at Sacred Heart. Also, in October of 1971, Father Petrina was appointed Director of Campus Ministry in the Diocese of Harrisburg, making him responsible for work at over 15 campuses in the diocese.

The budget for Catholic Campus Ministry at Bucknell at that time was about $8,000.00, with about half of it being donated from the diocese. This budget helped to support the numerous activities that CCM organized throughout the year. Some of the activities at that time included many discussions about the beginning of life. This brochure advertises a film on this topic sponsored by B.U. Students for Human Life (SHL), an early pro-life club at Bucknell.

Father Petrina also continued to keep parents and students informed through letters and bulletins. Through his help, CCM was eventually able to create a more current draft of bylaws.

In May 1974, after 8 years as Catholic Chaplain at Bucknell, Father Petrina was replaced by Father Joseph Celia. Father Celia became the new full-time Catholic Chaplain at Bucknell. He resided at the rectory of Sacred Heart Church in Lewisburg. With this change, CCM began to plan how to become a better part of the Bucknell community. Father Celia began to work with the university's Chaplain Gardner, to bring CCM into the spotlight and make changes to enhance the program.

With Father Celia's arrival, Newman House moved from the small yellow house at 204 S. 7th Street to another house at 127 Saint George Street, near the Susquehanna River. This new Newman House became the residence of Father Celia. The Catholic Chaplain at Bucknell no longer resided at Sacred Heart Church. A newspaper article from that time explains the last ten years of CCM at Bucknell and gives information concerning the move of Newman House.

Here are more current pictures of the second Newman House at 127 Saint George Street taken in December 2006.  1   2 

Father Celia quickly went to work with CCM and helped to create a more extensive plan for the organization. Bill Duncan, student and president of the Newman Advisory Board at Bucknell in 1974, led the process of creating a Newman Constitution by reviewing the documentation of the Newman Advisory Board at Bloomsburg State College.

Other students also participated in CCM by helping out at mass and with various activities throughout the year. The organization became more popular and mass attendance grew as well, reaching as many as 200 students. The many members of CCM began to make the group their own.

Throughout the years, CCM continued to reach out to the community and beyond. The organization even sponsored children through the Christian Children's Fund. These children included Teresa Temena and Agnes Abalon, both from St. Agnes' Academy in the Philippines.

In 1976, the Newman House relocated one last time. The new house was located at 610 Saint George Street, practically on campus. It was purchased by the Diocese of Harrisburg for $58,500.00 from Mrs. Rice, whose husband was a Chemistry Professor at Bucknell who helped to build the house. This house would become the home of Catholic Campus Ministry for years to come.

To see more information on the current Newman House, please visit the Newman House page.

As CCM began to grow, so did the student leadership. Meetings were held regularly and minutes were recorded. The club became more organized and once again grew in size.