About CCM

Welcome to Catholic Campus Ministry at Bucknell. Whether you are new to CCM, or have been a member for a few years, we hope that this site will provide you with helpful information regarding the many events, activities, and ways to participate we offer. If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you simply cannot find what you are looking for, please be sure to contact CCM or Father Bernard by telephone at x7-3766 or e-mail at ccm@bucknell.edu.

Newman House

Newman House strives to provide a home away from home for our students through a hospitable setting and attitude; to help clarify values in a time of exploration; to build a sense of Catholic identity and understanding through education, reflection and discussion; to form leaders in the world and for the Church through service and empowerment; and to do all of this in the context of faith, through a vibrant spiritual center.

Every group or event listed on our website is an opportunity to get involved in the Bucknell community and to share in our mission. We invite all - students, faculty, associates, parents, alumni and friends - to share in this unique and wonderful opportunity in the Church.

Mission Statement

Bucknell University Catholic Campus Ministry serves, first and foremost, to gather and welcome members of the Roman Catholic Church on campus to form a community of faith that will appropriate the faith, form a Christian conscience, facilitate personal development, and develop future leaders.

This goal is lived out by CCM embracing the hope that all individuals, those active and lapsed members of the Catholic community, will be empowered by the spirit to recognize their own dignity and worth and to reach out to others on the campus to collaborate in building God's kingdom of love and justice. Under the direction of the Catholic Chaplain and the CCM Ministry Team, CCM aspires to incorporate religious beliefs and values into everyday campus life by means of services, programs and activities for participation by the entire campus community.

Catholic Campus Ministry at Bucknell, an officially recognized student organization, is provided for by the Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and maintained financially through contributions and donations by students, parents, alumni, and Bucknell benefactors. Though autonomous, CCM strives to extend its services in such a manner as to complement the overall goals of Bucknell University with particular regard to the spiritual needs of its students, faculty, administration and supporting staff members, 40% of which identifies itself as Roman Catholic.

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History of the Newman Movement

The Newman Movement began in 1883 the University of Wisconsin with the founding, through lay initiative, of the Melvin Club, which was designed to keep Catholics on campus in touch with their religious heritage. A decade later the first Newman Club was established at the University of Pennsylvania, with much the same purpose. It was named after John Henry Cardinal Newman who was the English leader in the nineteenth-century intellectual renewal in the Church and later was chosen the great patron of campus ministers in our country. During the initial stage, farsighted leaders recognized that the growing number of Catholic collegians attending public institutions needed support and instruction in their religious heritage. They responded by establishing clubs for Catholic students, with their own chaplains.

In 1908, the second stage began with the establishment of the first association of Catholic clubs in state universities. This phase, which lasted until 1969, was often characterized by a defensive and even hostile attitude on the part of Catholic students and their chaplains toward the academic world, which was perceived as dominated by a secularist philosophy.

The third stage begun in 1969 in response to the Second Vatican Council and continuing until the present, has produced some healthy new developments. The Church as a whole has grown in appreciation and support of campus ministry especially through the establishment of Catholic Campus Ministry on all Colleges and Universities throughout the local dioceses. Today there are over two thousand Catholics Campus Ministry Programs throughout the United States.

Catholic Campus Ministry at Bucknell University's history officially began with the appointment of Rev. Bernie Petrina by Bishop George Leech, Bishop of the Diocese of Harrisburg, to full-time moderator of campus ministry in 1970 for the following campuses: Bloomsburg, Susquehanna and Bucknell. In the years since the Newman movement has grown and become a shaping force in campus life for Catholics at Bucknell. In 2006, Bucknell CCM celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of its residence in Newman House on Saint George Street. In honor of the occasion our students have prepared a special look back in time: History of CCM.