Newman House 2010

It has been an amazing time in our Administration at CCM! I cannot believe it is over. I am definitely going to miss some of you on our Ministry Team Administration, all of you have reminded me more and more about family life at CCM, "A home away from Home", what a beauty it is to have a home away from home and meeting new family members in Newman House.

You are such talented students and supportive to our administration. I admire your tenacity at CCM administration and services to others, your involvement and commitment in our CCM activities. I am proud of all of you, the former Ministry Team members and the new, your presence meant a lot to us.

Thank you for making us laugh and for bringing a smile to our faces on days when we felt low. We can't wait to receive and work with the New Ministry team soon. Wishing you all the best in your next step and success in your life.

Always in my love and prayers,

Fr. Bernard Wamayose, A.J.
Catholic Chaplain

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